Shimmer and Shine: Enchanted Carpet Ride Game App revisa

don't like this game

game-really wish I COULD get a refund How can I get more help?

Great game

this is a great game and My dad bought this for me because he thought I would really like this and I did and I think this is a great game for age 3-12 but if people not in 3-12 who like it is still good and I love this game

More Shimmer

This game is very well made. The graphics and music are great. BUT there are only 4 levels that are very similar. Please add more levels. We need more Shimmer and Shine :)

Cute game

It's fun to pass time and my 4 year old daughter loves it (and can play by herself) however, there needs to be different levels of hardness. It's too easy and there isn't room to grow! You get 4 levels, that's it. Also, the delete button needs to have a lock option! My daughter keeps hitting it and erasing the entire game along with all the progress/prizes won. I hope to see slight changes soon 😊

Remove those ads

Advertisements in a paid app.... Really? the app is for kids 5 and under, FIX IT!!

Won't load after 2 hours!

Visiting my out of state granddaughter and it won't load. Hate to disappoint her and this is the last day of my visit and I paid for this crap!

Super cute game for preschoolers

My little cousins love it

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